Eu suspending switzerland from horizon 2020 euro activ hungary vs. portugal

The first trading period of the EU ETS was from 2005 to 2007 and the second trading period was from 2008 to 2012. The third EU ETS ­period began in 2013 and will end in 2020.

See full list on Switzerland. Switzerland is a small open economy, with high GDP per-capita (59712 USD in 2015) and high export levels (64% of GDP in 2014). The country has maintained outstanding strengths in science, technology and innovation, with a GERD of 3% and a BERD of 2% in 2014. The federal government’s strategy document, Promotion of Education EuropeDirect - Deputación de A Coruña :: Education. Turkey. Education. Turkey.

The European Commission reacted by excluding Switzerland from research programmes potentially worth hundreds of millions of euros for its universities and suspended negotiations on Switzerland's participation as a full member of Horizon 2020. The European Commission also suspended Switzerland from the Erasmus student exchange programme. According to the ATS news agency, some 2 600 Swiss students took advantage of Erasmus in 2011 and Switzerland played host that same year to about 2 900

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Eu suspending switzerland from horizon 2020 euro activ hungary vs. portugal

The European Union is Switzerland's largest trading partner, and Switzerland is the EU's fourth largest trading partner, after the United Kingdom, U.S. and China. Switzerland accounts for 5.2% of the EU's imports; mainly chemicals, medicinal products, machinery, instruments and time pieces.

Eu suspending switzerland from horizon 2020 euro activ hungary vs. portugal

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The EU set a deadline of February 2017 – by which time the immigration outcome has to be written into the Swiss constitution – for Switzerland to ratify the free movement deal with Croatia or be expelled from Horizon 2020. The EU decision to suspend Switzerland from Horizon 2020 as a direct consequence of the vote certainly gave rise to plenty of discus- sion. Current policies, however, will remain in place for the next three years, which at least cre- ates security in planning. Nov 29, 2018 · THE European Union is pushing for Switzerland to strike an updated treaty deal by the end of the year despite the nation facing “some major unresolved issues” over such an agreement.

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